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A Note from the Dean

Our Faculty of Education serves students aiming to become a teacher, with ten different programs. Teaching profession can only be conducted with the help of an idealist perspective as it is the act of helping people to have humanistic attitude towards other people. The occupations that our graduates can have besides teaching are varied especially for some of the programs such as psychological consultation and guidance graduates, special education graduates, and foreign language graduates.  Hence, the graduates of the faculty of education have the opportunity to get prestigious and large number of jobs considering the most demanded disciplines.

Faculty of Education has been partners with a lot of different international organizations from the abroad, and it continues to strengthen its relations with other education faculties in the world. Our faculty has a pretty campus in Hendek, which could also be called as ‘a boutique campus’. People can easily feel the warmth when they come here. Hendek Education Faculty is highly preferred owing to its closeness to Ankara and Istanbul, its natural beauty, and the prestige of Sakarya University.

Prof.Dr. Firdevs Karahan